Wednesday, August 29, 2012

#GOP2012 Wednesday August 29

Is this sign true?

"Generalissimo Buckhorn Declares Victory--Free Speech Dead"

"Generalissimo Buckhorn Declares Victory Free Speech Dead"

Let's see!

Down the street, the feminists from yesterday's post, had been allowed to protest so much they were taking a rest:

"Women are Pro-Choice and We Choose Obama"

There was a flurry of activity over at the Westboro Baptists Church protest:

Photographers huddled around Westboro Baptist Church

It was because of a woman, with a "God bless these homophobic jerks" sign:

"God Bless These Homophobe Jerks"

People, like those selling Romney/Ryan pins, stopped to watch the show:

People watching the back and forth at the Westboro Baptist Church protest

There appeared to be a group taking turns holding the sign:

Another woman with "God Bless These Homophobe Jerks"

(About the Westboro Baptist Church:

If you've ever been to a state fair in America, you may have seen a clown sitting over a tank of water who hurls insults at people. The audience pays money to try and dunk the clown.

The Westboro Baptist Church has that act down cold. People seemed to enjoy yelling back at them, and I wonder if, in a way, the Westboro Baptists don't provide a type of scream therapy. When people are frustrated they often don't have anyone to vent their feelings towards, especially negative ones; the Westboro guys provide that.

I'm not sure if people need this type of therapy offered so aggressively though.)

A guy nearby was selling cookies, Obameos or Romneos:

A man selling Obameos and Romneos (cookies)

Also around was a Ron Paul supporter, still angry about the change to convention rules:

'The "Ayes" Have it? Who you try'n to Fool?'

As with every other day of the convention, there weren't many protesters. But there were a lot of photographers and film crews, taking pictures of anything they could find:

Some guy filming himself

Film crew interviewing someone

Film crew setting up outside MSNBC stand

Unfriendly looking people having their pictures being taken

This is the "Real Delegates... Go Nuts!" memorabilia vendor, and there was a film crew jammed inside taking pictures of customers:

"Real Delegates GO NUTS!"

At the MSNBC stage, people were lined up taking pictures, they hoped of someone famous:

People photographing the MSNBC stand

Some guy at MSNBC, being photographed

Finally, I found some more protesters; this time union guys getting ready to picket:

"America Wants To Work"

And I found out what the Biotechnology Industry Organization was doing in Tampa; handing out water and yogurt bars:

Swag from the Biotechnology Industry Organization

Strangely, the yogurt bars were "100% natural":

NuGO bars from the Biotechnology Industry Organization

Regardless, they both have my endorsement!

Ron Paul supporters started setting up another protest at a street corner, with a big "Ron Paul for President" sign:

"Ron Paul For President"

At this point, I don't think the Ron Paul guys are impressing anyone. In fact, they're making the case for everything they're protesting against.

The smaller protests seemed a lot more personal, and effective. Like these two people at a street corner:

"By Grace You Have Been Saved Thru Faith"

Or this guy jogging with "Obama 2012" written on his undershirt:

Jogger with "Obama 2012" handwritten onto shirt

Finally, I saw some Guardian Angels, who are known as a vigilante group. The police were there to make sure no one volunteered to help too actively:

Guardian Angels at the RNC

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