Saturday, March 31, 2012

Burger Culture

Burger Culture food truck

Burger Culture food truck menu

Pizza burger from Pizza Culture

Good burgers (I had the pizza burger), but not great. Maybe if they had done something crazy, like add pickles...

Jimmy Meatballs

Jimmy Meatballs food truck

Ginger balls from Jimmy Meatballs

A food truck, selling meatballs!

I had the ginger balls, which were Asian inspired. Think of a salty/sweet (teriyaki) meatball; with cream cheese. They were pretty good.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dueling festivals

Everybody wants an excuse to wander around outside, so people have festivals. This weekend Tampa had two of them; literally right across the river from each other.

Festival number one: The Tampa Bay Seafood Festival

Tampa Bay Seafood Festival

This was the larger, and rowdier of the two. It was rowdier, and larger, because it served alcohol. I had trouble determining what the festival was about at first since almost half of it was a US Olympic Team traveling display; sponsored by BP, desperate to not be associated with oil spills anymore:

US Olympic Team stands at the Tampa Bay Seafood Festival

There was seafood purchasable with "clams", a festival currency available at several "clam banks":

Some Seafood

And there was a stage, so people could be entertained while the waited in line, ate, or played with their mobile phones.

Festival number two: Greenfest 2012

I was worried this would be an eco-fair full of things made out of hemp. I was surprised to see a garden-heavy attraction:

PlantFest 2012

Plant seller at Plantfest 2012

Plants at Plantfest 2012

It was pretty, and it had trees, so it was nicer to stroll through.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Found Objects

Part of a budget analysis for the Costa D'Este Hotel

Part of a 2006 budget analysis for the Costa D'Este Hotel. Literally floating through the streets of Tampa, Florida.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Aquatic graffiti

Along the Hillsborough River, college students practice their rowing. And there are walls so there is grafitti:

Aquatic graffiti

Some of them survive for many years:

"Our Cream & Crimson Crew!!"

"RACE PLACE DRINK" (The "DRINK" in larger letters.):

"Men's Crew '09 Race Place Drink"

Evidence of fraternities and sororities:

Greek Letters

It goes all over the two nearby bridges:

Kent School Boat Club

And they want you to know, "topher [sic] signs don't win races":

"Gently My Ass!!!"