Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kahwa Coffee


I'm no coffee connoisseur but I like this stuff. You can see how it's made and it always tastes rich, even in latte form with loads of sugar. I also approve of their croissants, which are moist inside while still being flaky.

Sign of the times

"Ask me why you deserve hell"

People protesting Gasparilla.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gasparilla: Street Style

Beads and ripped jeans for Gasparilla

Those are some serious balls.

Pajama bottoms

Skater style

Lots of lace

Skinny jeans and not

I think those are uggs


Neon tie-dye guy eating beads

Another cute couple

Urban style

Looks like a model


Lots of personality


Purple sunglasses

Yes, I have every bead!

Best dressed

Nice hat!

We ended up hugging

Gasparilla: The invasion

The waterline is crowded with spectators as ships fill the harbor. Most of the boats throw beads at the spectators (some using sling-shots and air guns) and many of the boats are decorated with some sort of pirate motif.

Waiting for the Gasparilla invasion

Dancing idiot

Mexican wrestlers throwing beads at Gasparilla

Many of the people are drunk or in the process of becoming so.

Throw those beads!

The boats were packed

Gasparilla boats were literally dripping with beads.

Pirate flags were flying

These guys are using an air gun to launch beads:



If you couldn't find an attractive person to be partially nude on your boat, you could always get an inflatable one:



Eventually the main pirate ship appears, guns blasting, and docks, taking over the city of Tampa:

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Top Song

History is funny.

Indigo Coffee

Indigo coffee

What's not to like:

1. You can't see them make the coffee. The store is set up so they can hide while doing it. Suspicious!

2. Everything is "to go", which means lids and no need to make designs in the frothed milk. This allows for less skilled baristas to be employed.

3. They hide the sugar so they can push flavored syrups.

4. They have LOTS of flavored syrups, which makes you wonder about the flavor of the coffee.

5. There's a sign saying it has the best coffee, and it wasn't voted the best. Skeptical!

What's to like:

1. Location.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Health food

"Healthy" cocoa

Hot cocoa with "14 essential vitamins and minerals", and rainbow marshmallows. Because everything we eat has to be "healthy".

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Inside a butterfly house

Because gardens aren't just for flowers:

Orange butterfly

Zebra butterfly

Pair of butterflies

Sign of the times

Please do not climb on the tornado

Festival of Chocolate

The festival of chocolate had several presentations, which were part advertisement, but still informative. This is what cocoa beans look like, still in the cocoa pod:

Cocoa beans in a cocoa pod

People were really impressed and stopped to take pictures afterwards:

Photographing cocoa beans

The master chocolatier giving the presentation made us a chocolate concoction with cayenne pepper. The cayenne cold be felt in the back of your throat. I liked it.

The next presenter was from Dove and taught us to taste chocolate. She had us compare her brand to Hershey's and tried very hard to not slander any of her competitors:

Learning how to taste chocolate

There were also many vendors, small local companies, handing out free samples and selling things. But they did not accept cash, just tokens:

Tokens for the festival of chocolate

Inconveniently, they couldn't sell water, which could only be bought from a vending machine. They sold a huge array of products including martini mixes, crepes, ice cream, chocolate covered apples and more.

Cupcakes at the festival of chocolate

The crowd was pretty mixed, too:

Buying chocolate

Chocolate on a stick

Buying chocolate on piggy back

Festival of chocolate crowd

Mini-cupcakes at the chocolate festival

Chocolate mousse