Sunday, January 15, 2012

Festival of Chocolate

The festival of chocolate had several presentations, which were part advertisement, but still informative. This is what cocoa beans look like, still in the cocoa pod:

Cocoa beans in a cocoa pod

People were really impressed and stopped to take pictures afterwards:

Photographing cocoa beans

The master chocolatier giving the presentation made us a chocolate concoction with cayenne pepper. The cayenne cold be felt in the back of your throat. I liked it.

The next presenter was from Dove and taught us to taste chocolate. She had us compare her brand to Hershey's and tried very hard to not slander any of her competitors:

Learning how to taste chocolate

There were also many vendors, small local companies, handing out free samples and selling things. But they did not accept cash, just tokens:

Tokens for the festival of chocolate

Inconveniently, they couldn't sell water, which could only be bought from a vending machine. They sold a huge array of products including martini mixes, crepes, ice cream, chocolate covered apples and more.

Cupcakes at the festival of chocolate

The crowd was pretty mixed, too:

Buying chocolate

Chocolate on a stick

Buying chocolate on piggy back

Festival of chocolate crowd

Mini-cupcakes at the chocolate festival

Chocolate mousse

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