Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gasparilla: The invasion

The waterline is crowded with spectators as ships fill the harbor. Most of the boats throw beads at the spectators (some using sling-shots and air guns) and many of the boats are decorated with some sort of pirate motif.

Waiting for the Gasparilla invasion

Dancing idiot

Mexican wrestlers throwing beads at Gasparilla

Many of the people are drunk or in the process of becoming so.

Throw those beads!

The boats were packed

Gasparilla boats were literally dripping with beads.

Pirate flags were flying

These guys are using an air gun to launch beads:



If you couldn't find an attractive person to be partially nude on your boat, you could always get an inflatable one:



Eventually the main pirate ship appears, guns blasting, and docks, taking over the city of Tampa:

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