Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dueling festivals

Everybody wants an excuse to wander around outside, so people have festivals. This weekend Tampa had two of them; literally right across the river from each other.

Festival number one: The Tampa Bay Seafood Festival

Tampa Bay Seafood Festival

This was the larger, and rowdier of the two. It was rowdier, and larger, because it served alcohol. I had trouble determining what the festival was about at first since almost half of it was a US Olympic Team traveling display; sponsored by BP, desperate to not be associated with oil spills anymore:

US Olympic Team stands at the Tampa Bay Seafood Festival

There was seafood purchasable with "clams", a festival currency available at several "clam banks":

Some Seafood

And there was a stage, so people could be entertained while the waited in line, ate, or played with their mobile phones.

Festival number two: Greenfest 2012

I was worried this would be an eco-fair full of things made out of hemp. I was surprised to see a garden-heavy attraction:

PlantFest 2012

Plant seller at Plantfest 2012

Plants at Plantfest 2012

It was pretty, and it had trees, so it was nicer to stroll through.

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