Thursday, August 30, 2012

#GOP2012 Thursday August 30

Street art the city missed, outside of downtown:

"Obama 2012! Power to the 99% 4 More Years"

Some shops sold ponchos, because when it rains in Tampa, it pours:

"We Have Ponchos"

Guys with a "Fix the Debt" petition talked to people riding the "freewheelin" vehicles:

Red and Green

A lone woman protested both Republicans and Democrats:

Protesting everybody

Doctors For America told everyone who would listen of the wonders of Obamacare:

Doctors for America

They handed out fans with propaganda:

Fan from Doctors for America

And talked to people from booths in white coats:

"The Doctor is In"

It ended up being crashed by a woman who wanted to mention Mitt Romney's dog:

"Dogs Against Romney"

(I didn't say anything to her about Obama eating his.)

The Westboro Baptist Church was still protesting, and people were still filming it:

Westboro Baptist Church being filmed at the RNC

A woman there was handing out pamphlets, and I took one. It told how natural disasters are caused by angering God:

Inside Westboro Baptist Church pamphlet

And how to not make God angry:

Tips on how to prevent natural disasters

It may seem weird, but it's better than another religious pamphlet I was handed by someone else. It was one long paragraph:

Back of religious postcard

People were also handing out anti-lawsuit newspapers:

"The Lemon"

This man was unimpressed by Ron Paul supporters, he wore a "Ross Perot '92" T-shirt, possibly ironically:

Perot '92 T-shirt

A global warming beach party (because even non-religious people wanted to tell me the world would end):

Global Warming Beach Party

And a man on a reclined bicycle with an Obama shirt:

Man on reclined bicycle with Obama shirt

I saw what was on the "Vote Pro-Life" truck. Aborted fetuses and pocket change:

"Vote Pro-Life"

This man was miffed that Florida's Attorney General gave a speech awkwardly (I'm not kidding):

"Blondie Bondi Blows it Big Time"

And the man on this street corner was reading the bible, out loud:

Man on corner reading from bible

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