Tuesday, August 28, 2012

#GOP2012 Tuesday August 28

I've been trying to get a picture of the mounted police for days and I finally did!

Mounted police at RNC

Several non-political organizations were at the convention.

Craftsmen tools were building a home for a veteran:

Craftsmen "House United"

The Biotechnology Industry Organization had a mobile display:

Biotechnology Industry Organization

Yelp was trying to get people to vote for yelp:

"Vote for Yelp"

And there was a weird company with bicycle powered vehicles:

Bicycle powered vehicles

There were also protesters. I saw a lone man, near a press area, being ignored by everyone. He was happy I took his picture:

Guy protesting outside by himself

(His sign was about the national debt and blamed Republicans and Neo-Cons for it.)

Next I spotted some Ron Paul supporters:

Wild Ron Paul Supporters

But protesting wasn't allowed where they were so the police talked to them:

Police ask Ron Paul supporters not to protest in this area

Nearby was the MSNBC stage:

MSNBC stage at Channelside

And the Huffington Post Oasis:

The Huffington Post Oasis

One Ron Paul Supporter had handwritten signs taped to his car:

"Don't Be A Fake Republican Vote Ron Paul"

They said, "Don't Be A Fake Republican Vote Ron Paul", and, "RNC Changing rules while in play? That's called cheating!".

This Ron Paul supporter was more committed, incorporating a Ron Paul sign into his paint job:

Ron Paul for President car

I saw a few Ron Paul people handing out fliers, too. They were irritated about rule changes at the convention.

At Lykes Gaslight Park I found a larger group of Ron Paul supporters:

Ron Paul supporters with '76 flag

There weren't a lot of people, but they had energy:

Ron Paul signs in Lykes Gaslight Park

And balloons!

Ron Paul supporters with balloons

Supposedly protests like this weren't allowed, nearby police didn't interfere:

Ron Paul supporters with police

They seemed to not bother small groups that behaved.

And there wasn't favoritism towards Republicans. Here are some "Christians for Obama" who also weren't stopped by the police:

Wild Feminists protesting in Tampa

I'm not sure if the vendors on the street were legal either. Here's one selling "Vote Them Out!" playing cards:

Woman selling "Vote them Out" playing cards

Now, to an officially sanctioned protest, the Westboro Baptist Church:

Westboro Baptist Church protests RNC

This sign reads, ""Homo Sex Is A Threat to National Security":

"Homo Sex Is A Threat to National Security"

Lots of people, with iPhones, were interviewing members of the church. Other than that they weren't being bothered.

This guy was protesting nearby and made a point of saying he wasn't with the church:

"Save Israel And America or Save Obama and Lose!"

Like everywhere else, there were officers in the background, making sure nothing got out of hand:

Police watching Westboro Baptist Church protest

And the award for "worst protest" goes to "Man on the Cross". This is the park where it was supposed to happen, completely empty:

"Man on the Cross"

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