Monday, August 27, 2012

#GOP2012 Monday August 27

Today I visited the Coalition March on the RNC. There weren't many people:

Long shot of Coalition March on RNC

I'm guessing there were about 250 protesters. They were supposed to include everyone protesting in the Tampa Bay area, so I'm assuming that's all there are.

Here's a more charitable view from a hilltop, but you still can't see many people:

Coalition March on RNC from hilltop

And a close-up of the crowd:

Close-up of crowd at Coalition March on RNC

Lots of people had rain gear, but there wasn't much rain:

Rain ponchos were standard

Rain gear at Coalition March on RNC

Police were either watching the event, patrolling the area, or standing in clumps on intersections:

Police watch Coalition March on RNC

More police patrolling around Coalition March on RNC

Police officers on bicycles watch Coalition March on RNC

There were a lot of news crews:

Lots of film crews at Coalition March on RNC

These were from the BBC, giving international coverage to a march of 250 people:

I believe these reporters were from the BBC

As there weren't many protesters and so many people with cameras, I had no problem moving among the crowd and taking pictures. Here's a shot from behind the stage they had erected:

View from behind stage at Coalition March on RNC

Most of their speeches emphasized how much they hated Republicans. They said the party was about hating black people, Hispanics, and Muslims; and about taking money from everyone else to enrich their rich friends. The sort of things Obama would never say, but never corrects anyone else for saying either.

One sign from the rally read "Abort Shit Romney & his Taliban Party":

"Abort Shit Romney & his Taliban Party"

Surprisingly, there was hate for Democrats as well. This sign read "RNC/DNC = Tool of the 1%":

"RNC/DNC = Tool of the 1%"

Here's a sign for the International Socialist Organization:

"International Socialist Organization"

Here are people dressed in black and covering their faces (I heard someone was arrested for this during the march):

People dressed in black, covering their faces

The rally had a high percentage of extremists compared to regular people. There were surprisingly few protesters for a county with over a million residents, in a City which usually votes for Democrats. I would say the protests are a disaster and were wildly over-hyped.

On a more positive note, The Salvation Army brought two trucks in case anyone needed water:

The Salvation Army

These were the lines for water (the protesters are in the distance):

Line for Salvation Army trucks

I took a quick tour of Tampa and found some other protesters, but conservative ones. One guy was so conservative he was anti-Romney. Among other things, his truck reads, "Return to me [Jesus] not Romney":

"Stop the Insanity Return to Jesus Christ"

I'm not sure if this guy was protesting, because he was just reading the bible out loud in the park:

Man reading bible out loud at Gaslight Park

In that last picture you can see a "Vote Pro Life" truck, one of a few "advertisement" trucks I've seen constantly driving around downtown.

Back to the Coalition March on the RNC, which was actually marching and hadn't had a last minute influx of people:

Start of Coalition March on the RNC

The entire march didn't last very long and had LOTS of reporters:

Photographers at Coalition March on the RNC

Eric Mennel, from WUSF, covering Coalition March on the RNC

If you look past the reporters in this picture you can see a guy waving a black flag:

Man waves a black flag at Coalition March on the RNC

At one point his group was chanting "f*ck Obama, too!" which didn't seem to bother the other protesters, but one did try to get them to chant something else.

No one seemed to have any problems with the police (they did great jobs keeping everyone safe):

No animosity between protesters and the police

And people seemed happy:

End of Coalition March on the RNC

I've seen much bigger protests at the local level, and to see a nationally organized protest of this size was amusing. The anti-Democrat and anti-Obama leanings of much of the crowd also don't bode well for the re-election chances of our President. Of coarse this was such a tiny crowd, that their opinions probably wont matter in the election anyway.

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