Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Tampa

Some slept overnight nearby:

Occupy Tampa at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park


Fetal position

Videotaping me because I must be a cop:

Occupy Tampa photographs me

"This one is for your Sargent":

"This one is for your Sarge"

People are still wearing masks, I overhear some of them explaining how important it is they keep their identities secret:

A trio of masks

Free Hugs:

Free Hugs

"Chop from the top":

Chop from the Top

One of the themes of the protest is how their constitutional rights are being violated. They complain that they aren't allowed to wear masks and occupy the park. But there are no police present and the police only make them leave the park at night. If a corporation, or large group of homeless people, were in the park they would be arrested.

The Police Said We Have To Go

A man brings a Che flag and gets confronted by an angry Cuban man:

Man with Che flag

Man with Che flag gets confronted by Cuban guy

"The government should be afraid of their people":

The government should be afraid of their people

A Teamster Union sign:

A Teamsters Union sign

"I love humanity":

"I love humanity"

The woman with the clipboard calls herself a "facilitator". She has everyone chant that they have no leaders and that no one is above anyone else. She also instructs protesters on how to shun individuals who say things which are deemed unacceptable. The protesters spend several hours each day in meetings with these facilitators where they mindlessly repeat instructions.

Everyone was fine with me taking pictures once she vouched for me. "He's not hurting anyone" they all suddenly decided.:

An early meeting

The media arrives:

The media

"I want a world where no one succeeds at the expense of others":

"I want a world where no one succeeds at the expense of others."

It's so nice out that dehydration is a concern:


A John Lennon fan:

A John Lennon fan

Fox News / Fake News:

Fake News

Someone has books for people to read. There's mainly Douglas Adams and New Age material to choose from.:


A smiling girl:

Smiling girl

Non Violent Direct Action Training Workgroup

This is to prepare people for when the police get violent. Questions are vetted and chanting is performed:

Non Violent Direct Action Training Workgroup

Asking questions

A small band performs, one of the memebers is a Ron Paul supporter:

The boys in the band

Supplies have been brought to the park. Food, coffee, and things to drink. Someone offers me pumpkin brownies, completely organic and made with non genetically modified organisms.:


One person makes her own mask out of a paper plate. I approve!:

Plate mask

"Free Leonard Peltier":

Free Leonard Peltier

A man explains the Laffer Curve. He correctly explains how it is conventionally misinterpreted. But he then uses it to say we should increase taxes to the rate which would maximize revenue.:

Laffer Curve

Children were present:


A collection of signs the protesters arranged to be photographed.:


A man with a Gadsden Flag. I couldn't tell if he was a protester or a counter-protester. No one seemed to notice it was out of place.:

Gadsden Flag

A tour of the protest.:

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