Saturday, October 22, 2011

Occupy Saint Pete

Occupy Saint Pete was free of people wearing masks, but one guy did a good job with face-paint (I think!):

The Devil!

The crowd was very small, probably less than a hundred people:

Occupy Saint Pete

The crowd at Occupy Saint Pete

It had its own little sign factory:

Making signs at Occupy Saint Pete

Even a peace-sign sign factory:

Peace sign signs

Most of the signs seemed real, not like the bland, impersonal ones I saw at Occupy Tampa:

"Corporate Greed Is A Weapon of Mass Destruction."

"Corporate Run America"

Street protests

People held them up along the street:

View of crowd and street protests at Occupy Saint Pete

There were poseurs. I saw some of the protesters, wearing cheap clothing, come out of very nice cars. And these two were having their picture taken by friends who looked wealthy:

Poseurs at Occupy Saint Pete

Most people looked genuine though:


Standing around

Lots of them came on bicycles:

Our Government...

"Don't let this happen"


Note the Russian lettering on this jacket:

Ethics/Capitalism and some guy in a jacket with Russian letters

I think the orange armbands meant the media could talk to them, but I saw no media there:

Guy on a bike with an orange armband


And, of course, there were Ron Paul supporters:

Ron Paul Supporters

Occupy Saint Pete seemed positive, if subdued. A big change from Occupy Tampa (post 1, post 2), which seemed paranoid and cult-like. What may help is that this group shows up once a week for a few hours. They don't try to live in the park. Also, they get little media attention and they aren't trying to raise money, like Occupy Tampa, so they aren't absorbing street people and professional protesters.


  1. The Russian on the back of the jacket is for the Ministry of Emergency Situations (Министерство по чрезвычайным ситуациям -- МЧС) in South Ossetia (Южной Осетии). It's usually referred to as EMERCOM internationally. It's roughly comparable to FEMA here.

  2. That Sir, is very strange to find out. And thanks for the translation!