Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ybor City Celebrates Communism

Today I went to Ybor City for what was billed as a "Cuban Sandwich Festival". Strangely, it had a Communist distribution system. Let me explain.

All the food was "free". Politically powerful people got to gorge themselves on sandwiches while ordinary people stood in line, waiting for leftovers:

The politically powerful gorge themselves on free food

Only a lucky few actually got anything.

If you had American currency you could stand in another line to buy actual, full sized, Cuban sandwiches:

Standing in line for capitalist Cuban sandwiches

A long line:

The line for places which accepted American currency was very long

Food shortages were endemic, and even the two capitalist establishments had problems keeping food in stock. The first of the two places selling sandwiches ran out as soon as I got to the counter.

This place was in an isolated area and had them in stock:

The only place I was able to get a Cuban sandwich

A Cuban sandwich

The festival was a disgrace to the Cuban community, not that any of them noticed.

Also on display were cigars:

A cigar vendor

And antique cars:

Antique cars on display

I guess I got a genuine Cuban experience!

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