Saturday, May 12, 2012

National Train Day

It's National Train Day! A day to celebrate trains, because in America very few people take them and they're considered something of a novelty.

Nation Train Day Banner

People came and took pictures of Tampa's train station, named "Union Station":

Taking photos of Union Station

It's rather modest, but the clock there is pretty:

The clock at Union Station

The crowd consisted of mainly older people, but also parents with young children:

Crowd at Union Station for National Train Day

The biggest draw seemed to be the model trains:

Watching the model trains at Union Station

Out back, they offered a tour of a passenger train. A lone singer belted out Sinatra-style tunes and people ate food from food trucks. The audience didn't seem enthusiastic about the food, as if it were a little too exotic for their pallets:

Union Station, National Train Day activities

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