Saturday, May 19, 2012

Obama in Saint Petersburg

Obama Campaign Office in Saint Petersburg, FL

The picture above is of Obama's campaign headquarters in downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida. They seemed a little desperate when I visited. Right after I took this picture a woman popped out and asked if I wanted to have my photo taken with the building. I declined her offer.

Five or six people were standing on nearby street corners holding Barack Obama signs. It looked a little odd. For one thing, they weren't standing in a group but as lone figures. I know this allowed them to cover more area, but it also made them look like pan-handlers.

Another thing which seemed odd was that they were standing in the sun, on empty streets. It was 9am and the building wasn't supposed to open until 10. It's only May; if this keeps up, they'll be pretty demoralized by summer.

Also, the signs lacked any individuality or real message, just "2012 BARACKOBAMA.COM". I take it there wont be any "Obama/Biden" stuff this year (probably a wise decision), but they really should come up with something meaningful to say. Especially if they are going to force people to stand outside with signs all day.

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