Monday, July 4, 2011

A fireworks display

Funnel cakes


4th of July panorama

Taking a ride

4th of July panorama

Repent Sinners

A street performer banging on plastic pails


A green one

People came early to get the best seats and there were food-stands set up to feed them. The types of food this year included: hot dogs, snow cones, french fries, Italian sausages, "Greek food", pretzels, and empanadas.

The well-to-do watched from boats in the harbor or from surrounding condo towers, while average people watched from parks along the waterfront. Vendors sold glow sticks and street performers banged on pails or performed acrobatics.

During all of this, a Baptist church drove by with a truck towing a sign telling everyone involved they were going to burn in hell.

Eventually it got dark. People lit sparklers and small fireworks (careful to hide them when police passed by), and when it was finally dark enough the fireworks began.

As soon as they were over, everyone left and the city was impassible to cars for about thirty minutes.

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