Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chinese bakeries

A Chinese bakery in Jimei

The easiest way for a foreigner to get breakfast in China is to go to a Chinese bakery. Everything is laid out in discrete packages; all you have to do is select what you want and bring it to the register--no Chinese needed. It's a little exciting too, because you never what the items will taste like or have inside.


I found it best to avoid boxed drinks, they always tasted too sweet, and frankly, too weird to finish. But the pastries were good, although I hesitate to call them pastries, since they were often something between bread and a croissant. They tended to be less sweet than I expected and often had some sort of whipped-butter filling (usually paired with raisins).

Chinese pastries

Once I thought I had purchased something made with chocolate which I found tasted like carrot cake. And once I lucked out and bought a pastry stuffed with ham and cheese. It's kind of like playing the lottery, but it's always tasty, so you always win.

From the Sunmile bakery

They also open around 7am, so you can always grab something before you have to go to work.

Ausland Bakery

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