Saturday, November 12, 2011

Occupy Sarasota

Today I visited Occupy Sarasota.

Occupy Sarasota

There was a lot of foot-traffic, but it was all people trying to get their picture taken with the statue, not people coming to talk to the protesters. (That's the city's statue, not the protester's.)

They don't seem to have much enthusiasm:

Occupy Sarasota

Or that many people, I count 16 in this picture:

Holding a vote at Occupy Sarasota

Strangely, there was still some media interest:

A reporter at Occupy Sarasota

This sign caught my attention:

"I want you to stop being afraid"

It reads:

"I want you to stop being afraid
Of other Americans
Of other religions
Of speaking out"

I'm always afraid of being physically attacked when I visit these protests.

Another interesting sign:

"People are not 'vagrants'"

"Vagrant = One who lives on the street and is a Public Nuisance"

According to Occupy Sarasota, Occupy Tampa is a bunch of vagrants:


Fetal position

Occupy Tampa at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park

I agree!

Just to give you some perspective on how small Occupy Sarasota is, a few streets away people were listening to a band play in front of the public library:

Band plays at the Sarasota Farmers Market

And walked through the streets at the local farmers market:

Sarasota Farmers Market

Sarasota Farmers Market

Sarasota Farmers Market

There were several hundred people, maybe even a thousand. They were out buying organic vegetables, eco-friendly clothing, French crepes, and sushi. (I'm not kidding, they had a place selling sushi.)

Man selling bromiliads

Eco-friendly clothing

Sushi for sale

I heard people making wry observations, like how awkward it is to come out of the marina in a strange city and be dressed inappropriately. It sounded to me like the 1% had staged a much more successful counter-occupation.

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