Thursday, June 23, 2011

Domino's Pizza




The box directs you to the company's facebook page. It also includes a slogan crowd-sourced from a fan.

Strangely, I wanted a peperoni pizza but found ordering a three topping pizza with peperoni, nothing, and nothing to be about 20% cheaper. And they let you order like that!

The pizza itself is very exotic. The crust is more like a soft garlic breadstick. Everything else seems distinctively bland, if that makes sense. I kept thinking, "I've never tasted cheese/sauce/peperoni like this!".

I didn't try any of the included red pepper flakes or Parmesan cheese, but I suppose that would add some flavor for regular eaters.

The Domino's experience is dumbed down and bureaucratized, with a veneer of personalization. But it's also fascinating if you've never experienced it before. And there's no way you could cook something like this at home.

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